Yahuwshua is Yahweh! Accept No Subtitutes!

Yahuwshua is Yahweh! Accept No Subtitutes!

The Most High, Who you are accustomed to hear them call "the LORD", or "Jehovah", or "God" or if you are Spanish, "el Señor" or "Diós", is Who we worship, though we deny their mistaken terms for Him.

First Fruits' Purer Scriptures - Google Drive

This collection of books translated from scriptures still continues progressing at www.yahuwshua.org and is distributed there free of cost. It contains all the post-advent canonical scriptures and various extracanonical ones which followers of the Way of Yâ-hwéh consider to be inspired. The improving of the translation of this collection continues in progress, and also includes various important studies made to assist the reader to become established in the belief on the true name of the One we worship, and calendars of current times and the judgment season.o description available.

Call for the Chosen Few

Are you a truth-seeker or a traditional Christian? Have you ever wondered what this issue is about, the new attention being given to using the the correct name for Who we worship? Have you ever been questioned about your faith by some saying you use the wrong name?

The Real Name of Jesus

Today, you have the opportunity to download for Free a revealing and important book written by a Guido Mora, a Brazilian Christian, titled The Real Name of Jesus.

little ones in Yâ-hwéh | Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`

little children are we who are sons of Yâ-hwéh, having been conceived in Him but unborn. little One is an emanation of the Father.

The Ten Messages

The Ten Messages (2 Moshéh 20: 1-17) [Decoded with computer-analyzed LXX] [Key: to understand PSR formatting, please see the Key on the PSR-Index page] 19: 25 but He went down, Yâ-hwéh, passing by Moshéh, towards all Yisrâ’ë´l of the one not [being] the people of Yisrâ’ë´l, and concerning it, He spoke pertaining to the same ones pertaining to the Son (The original Ten Messages from Yahweh Yahuwshua were totally spiritual. Unfortunately, over the ages satan through his scribes transformed them into material laws to suit his agenda and laws of the flesh which he instituted.)

'Holy Bible' is NOT His Word!!

When you ask many Christians: What is His Word or what is the Word? They will likely answer: the bible. Is this the Truth? Have they been deceived? Watch t...


L I K E* 👍 *C O M M E N T* 🗣️ *S U B S C R I B E* ☝️ ▼ OPEN ▼ *Free* Scriptures [PSR] *FREE* Direct Download link▼https://onedrive.live.com/?au...

Página de Preguntas Frecuentes

Página de Preguntas Frecuentes Bienvenidos a la página web Iâjuwshúa` es Iâjuéh: ¡No aceptes ningún sustituto!™, la página hogar del remanente escogido, anunciando este Testimonio, Su Verdad, desde el año del calendario Romano 1999. Para poder agrandar el tamaño de lo que ves, oprime Ctrl . Para disminuirlo oprime Ctrl-.

Ya-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`: why this is the correct name

ēŏ - hw Ĕ ēŏ -hoo- shOO - ă Do scriptures say is it important to pronounce His name correctly?

How to Stop Sinning

The etymology of the English word is noncontributory to this study because the words whose meanings contribute to our understanding is the `Ivríyth word châţâ´' חׇטׇא (Strong's #02398) and its accurate Greek translation, hamartáno ͑αμαρτάνω (Strong's #264), which were translated as sin to English. The Strong's lexicon says this `Ivríyth word means, properly, to miss.

God exposed to mean Demon

Have you ever questioned why one calls on God? No one in their right mind will call Yahweh God after seeing this video. Don't continue calling Yahweh thi...

God exposed to mean Demon

Have you ever questioned why one calls on God? No one in their right mind will call Yahweh God after seeing this video. Don't continue calling Yahweh thi...

Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` | Main Page

Yâ-hwéh is our Savior (Shúa`), Who came down from the Highest Heavens, to deliver us from the hands of satan, the lower ruler.

The Truth about Marriage

Although everyone else will tell you their opinion, Reality is truly defined as being Yâ-hwéh's point of view. He is Who created all that truly exists and is permanent, eternal. It is written (and erased from establishment scriptures) that the things which are of this material world are formed by the adversary, as they are temporary, corruptible, and they refresh and regenerate through death and recycling.

New Believer's Page

Welcome to the true faith, The Way of Yâ-hwéh. Yâhuwshúa` is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. You now have your eyes opened. Now look! You were in the Great Confusion. You must come out of it clean. You mustclean house!

If The Truth is Un-recognized and Un-named, Are We As Such?

2000 years ago, Dérekh Yâ-hwéh , the Way of Yâ-hwéh, the belief that was not originally called “Christianity”, “Gnosticism”, or “Judaism”, became infiltrated, co…


L I K E* 👍 *C O M M E N T* 🗣️ *S U B S C R I B E* ☝️ ▼ OPEN ▼ Most believers are stuck on defending their faith in God without stopping to cons...

First Fruits' Purer Scriptures- Google Drive

Really, #Christians should be informed of this: just as they've mostly been "awakened" to the fact that they cannot trust the establishment regarding politics and government and religious authorities, they also should be awakened that they cannot trust the contents of their establishment-approved scripture translations.Now they SHOULD be aware that inspired scriptures as ORIGINALLY rendered were/are 100% true. But their English translations are FAR FROM IT.And it's not merely a translation issue. IT WAS CODED IN A SCRIBAL SHORTHAND. This code they systematically used, kept it LEGIBLE, kinda sorta, but it lost most of its meaning and it became diffusely satanic (because only satan did this!). Do not be surprised or get into denial due to cognitive dissonance, because you had to expect it from the satanic religions which were left in charge of your scriptures!Why was it designed to be kinda still legible? For intruders to think it was intact and not misunderstand it and think it to deserve burning. Because for instance if it says "Yisrael" a lot, and they don't know it means EVERYONE who is overcoming (eventually) the demon 'el being the adversary.

What is A Gentile?

This video shared with YahuwshuaDotOrg courtesy of EliyshevaLovesYahweh our sister.Christians are being called Gentiles. This is a Jewish fable. If you don't...

Yahuwshua is not Jesus!

some from the ones who are wise, they will stumble to refine and to purify and to make [the many] spotless, said Yahweh to Daniel. How will they stumble? B...

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Q & A

Welcome to the Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh: accept no substitutes!™ website, the home page of the chosen remnant, announcing this Testimony, His Truth, since Roman calendar year 1999. In order to enlarge the font size on the page, press Ctrl . To decrease it press Ctrl-.

Elohim Are Demons

L I K E* 👍 *C O M M E N T* 🗣️ *S U B S C R I B E* ☝️ ▼ OPEN ▼ 'El'-was the chief deity, god of the sky, father of many lesser gods [demons] and ruler of t...


L I K E* 👍 *C O M M E N T* 🗣️ *S U B S C R I B E* ☝️ ▼ OPEN ▼ Free Scriptures [PSR]Direct Download link▼https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%2...

Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh: accept no substitutes! יָהְוֶה יָהוּשֻׁעַ

Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh: accept no substitutes! - Free restored scripture, scriptural studies on end prophecy y tambien en Español. The website your pastor or priest fears you might go to - prophecy and controversial scriptural doctrines correctly explained, proclaiming the true Glad Tidings and His true name he hid from you, free restored scriptures they don't want you to see!

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